Client sending costs including into our own Monthly bill

Hi there,

We run a CM account for our own company as well as manage our parent companies mailing lists - we run them as a client but would like them to be billed within our monthly plan which has plenty of room to accommodate their subscriber numbers.

Is there a way to do this without being charged on top of our monthly rate?

carl.michael, 4 years ago

Hi, you can do this in your client settings area.

Once logged in on the overview screen you see a list of clients on the left hand side. Those that are billed separately will be under a heading 'Clients sending themselves''

Click on the client in question then click the 'Client settings' link in the top right. There you'll see an option called 'Switch to paying on their behalf'.

Switching to that should do the trick.

EDIT: I see you want their costs to come out of your allocation. Rather than you just paying on their behalf. In which case best wait for a CSA to come along and answer this before you do anything.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi MadWeb, thank you so much for writing in regards to consolidating both your and your clients' costs here. Carl was on the right path (thank you!), however the scenario he was describing is more applicable to when email credits are being used. For example, it's possible to buy email credits in bulk, then use them to pay for your clients' campaigns at a marked up rate. A lot of resellers do this, but whether it's beneficial here depends on your clients' send frequency and volumes.

With monthly plans, it's a different story - each monthly plan is exclusive to one client, I'm sorry to say. It would be nice to share them out, but it would be certain to complicate billing somewhat!

So for now, it isn't possible to share your monthly plan allocation without importing your client's lists into your own account and sending from there. This alternate pricing system is something for us to think about, so we'll be in touch if we make any changes in this regard. :)

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