Admin privileges on lists

It would be a great addition to be able to have admin privileges on lists that would revoke client access to delete a certain subscriber list. There has been numerous times whereby a client has deleted a subscriber list that has been connected to a site via various subscribe forms and the api. This then means the site is not collecting any new signups from the site, until we notice that this has been done and set it all up correctly again.

Obviously admin privileges could include other options too but this is the most important to us at the moment.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there thirdfloordesign, thank you so much for this request - a few customers have put forward similar experiences, so we're more than happy to give this issue a bump on your behalf. Should we make progress on this, we'll be sure to keep you updated. Thanks again - and keep letting us know how we can improve the app!

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thirdfloordesign thirdfloordesign, 4 years ago

Great stuff!

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