Do autoresponders continue after pause?


My autoresponder series was paused. Now it's re-started, will it continue to send email to subscribers part way through the series?

Or only for new subscribers?



Phil Phil, 4 years ago

Hi Matt,

This answer assumes you're talking about signup-date related autoresponders (as opposed to custom-field based ones).

Basically, it should continue from where it left off, with a couple of exceptions that are worth being aware of:
a) subscribers who signed up while it was paused won't receive anything (contact support if you want help with them)
b) because autoresponders can be timecritical, we will skip any emails which should have been sent during the paused period and pick up from wherever we should be now. eg if you have sends for immediate, after 10 days, 20 days, 30 days etc, and you were paused from days 15 - 25, the recipient will have received the 10 day email, will skip the 20 day one, and will receive the 30 day one
c) If Saturn is moving through Pisces during a full moon...

Hope that helps :)

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