"This message contains unloaded images" iPhone bug

This is probably the strangest bug that I have seen on the iPhone and I'm really struggling to find a solution. I noticed the other day that occasionally the "This message contains unloaded images." on the iPhone that is for users that have automatic image downloading disabled does not appear under certain circumstances.

Many of our mailings work perfectly but some of them don't contain this message. In one case removing a background image that was contained in the footer of the message restored the button. I originally thought that this may have been the bug and that if you included a background image in the footer next to where the button would be located that this would cause it. Yet on other mailings there isn't anything close to a background image near the footer and it still fails to appear. Many mailings contain background images that work properly, so I'm really at a loss.

I see no consistency to this bug and was curious if anyone else had encountered this problem? Any help would be appreciated, I'll keep plugging away and report my results as they come along.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Lando, this is very odd - I turned off automatic image downloading for iPhone Mail in Settings and reliably receive this prompt after. Please let us know what you find out here, it's very odd!

That said, I haven't heard of many people going into their Mail settings to do this - have you experienced otherwise?

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LandoCalrissian, 4 years ago

After reviewing this for a while I think this may actually be an iPhone bug. I can create the circumstances to create this bug, but then if you take that the code and put it into other emails it will start working again. Seems almost completely random, or such a strange set of circumstances that it's really difficult to debug.

Now that I have started looking for this bug, I have seen it on even major mailings from large companies, so it certainly doesn't just affect what I have been working on.

I think what you said is true though, it strikes me that the majority of users would not configure their phones for this bug to even arise. I would also recommend including a 'view with images' link at the header of your mailings as most users will see that first anyway on the iPhone.

If people want an example on how to reproduce this issue, let me know.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Lando, if you could kindly send a sample email to my testing address - freshviewmobile [at] gmail.com - I'll let you know what I come up with. I have both an iPhone (iOS 6) and an iPad (iOS 7), so it will be good to compare results on both devices.

Also, to confirm, are you finding that this occurs on wifi, or a cellular data connection?

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