Get a report on lifetime user activity stats

Hi,  we would like to see online (or get a CSV of) a report of all users on our list, showing for each their lifetime (i.e. cumulative, not just in a specific mailing) open and clickthrough rates, in % and numeric.

i.e. On CampaignMionitor I know we can find those figures for a specific member by searching for her email:

a) but if we have a list of say 500 members we want to see lifetime open / click rates out, without searching for each one. (Or for the last 6 months of campaigns).

b) or if we want to find the top 50 most active users by opens and clicks of our entire list.

The report CSV or online should look like this:

User Email         Lifetime open rate           Lifetime clickthrough rate     45%                           5%       30%                           3

I'm very surprised that CM can't inherently do such a simple report. Their support has directed me to API development. I'd appreciate any help or PHP samples that would start me off. (for example, at least a PHP sample that grabs a list of emails off the database and exports to a CSV or a HTML table).


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there visualsp - thank you so much for contacting our team about this, it's certainly something for us to look into if we receive additional demand for this kind of reporting.

I'm not sure if we pointed you in this direction, but here are our PHP samples and wrappers. We've got samples for getting active subscribers and getting subscriber histories.

As for exporting to CSV or similar, you might want to take a look at projects like this one. Hopefully that will put you on the right track, but let us know if you have any questions about this :)

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EnglishAndrew, 4 years ago

Can I add an "amen" to Visualsp's request/suggestion?  I'm currently trying to work out the 'open reach' for all subscribers on a list we use.  It would be great if I could see:

* x open >1 emails in the last x months
* y open 1 or more emails in the last x months
* z haven't opened any emails in the last x months...

...without having to download masses of PHP files and APIs.

We're planning to use this information to segment our audience and build an engagement strategy for each depending on their existing level of engagement - so it would be really helpful to be able to get at this information readily.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Thanks, Andrew - I agree, engagement stats (and segmentation, for that matter) would be a step in the right direction. I'll pass on your request to the team and keep you posted here - thanks again!

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mokeeffe, 3 years ago

Any news on this functionality?

It seems the only way to build a segment based on recent activity is a very long-winded process of downloading the full subscriber history for each subscriber, finding the most recent campaign that they opened/clicked and updating custom fields on that subscriber to reflect those dates.

With a large list and a long history, this is an extremely inefficient and time consuming task, even through the API!

Perhaps there is another way that I am not aware of?

It's extremely important to us to maintain a decent open rate by filtering out subscribers who don't open our emails.

EnglishAndrew, 3 years ago

I am starting to despair slightly on this.  It would be a really great addition to Campaign Monitor but I haven't heard any news on this either since Ros' note nearly a year ago.

I have, regretfully, started to look into other email platform providers that do provide this functionality.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi there mokeeffe and EnglishAndrew, engagement stats are something that are still on our radar, I'm sorry to say. We're still gauging interest in this functionality, but we likely won't see it in the short-to-medium term.

That said, you can certainly segment by "not opened the previous 4 campaigns" or similar from within the app - if it is a matter of re-engaging subscribers, this blog post is worth a look.

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mokeeffe, 3 years ago

Thanks for the response Ros.

We are thinking of going with a new approach:

Add a pixel to our email template pointing to a script passing the subscriber email address e.g. <img src="[email\]"> and use the API to update a 'last_opened' custom field on that subscriber with the date of the pixel request.

Do you see any issues with this approach?

npittet, 3 years ago

I quickly wrote a script to get lifetime stats, using API:

No graph, only result in text format. For the moment this is a global stat per campaign. Possibility to extend to a subscriber, to analyse it.

I saw two strange things:
- When one consult screen 'Compare Campaign Results', the average percentages are calculated by adding percentages, what seems to be incorrect.
- The click rate is in fact the reactivity rate.

Do you have the same observations?

nadjavonmassow, 3 months ago

Hello, I am advising our clients on ESPs and am currently considering dropping Campaign Monitor from our list of recommended providers due to the limited segmentation capabilities and inability to export lists incl. subscribers' engagement data.
The fact that you have not been able to include this feature despite claiming it's been "on your radar" for two years is discouraging and disappointing. You are being overtaken by your competitors.

RossEA, 3 months ago

Hi there,

I run an application that is integrated with Campaign Monitor called Email Analytics.

We can run custom reports for you with the subscriber by subscriber analytics you are after and much more.  We also offer a variety of analytics that are different to what you will find typically provided by ESPs today.

Feel free to get in contact at


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