Trouble implementing CM template language


I'm experiencing some weird results with adding CM template code to my email template.

To keep it simple I copied and pasted the code from … webversion

<webversion>your content here</webversion>

When I use this codebit it somehow shifts the text in some of my headings down in a cascading manner, so text is showing up in the wrong places. To assist in communication I took screen shots of the email template in CM "Preview Your Email" interface.

Veiw email template online

Would love it if someone could take a look and to see what I might be doing incorrectly.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Jules, I noticed the following in your code:

<singleline>Problem viewing newsletter?</singleline> <a href="#" style="color: #848484; text-decoration: none;"><singleline>View this mail online</singleline></a>

The issue here is likely the <a> + <singleline> is causing issues in our editor - and adding tags that shouldn't be there. For example, you shouldn't wrap <webversion> with either of these tags. Try changing the above snippet to...

<singleline>Problem viewing newsletter?</singleline> <webversion style="color: #848484; text-decoration: none;">View this mail online</webversion>

... and let us know how you go :)

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JulesWebb JulesWebb, 4 years ago

HI roshodgekiss, thanks for your reply.

I tried implementing your suggestion and it had a similar effect. I continued to troubleshoot the issue and then decide to just delete that campaign and start over with a new one. And that did it. Not sure what the glitch was, but it's over with now!

Thanks for your time. Enjoy your weekend!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Jules, wow, that's so strange! We'll keep an eye out for this issue in templates, but... Glad it's working now :) Let us know if you see anything like this into the future.

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