New Feature: Reimport Content

I’m not too sure if this has been requested before, but I know the CM/MB/FV team love getting feedback on their great product.

I often find myself having to re-import content for my emails. Often small things fall through the cracks (yes, I know – proof, proof and double proof before importing).

Most of the times I just need to re-import the content, I don’t need to change any of the settings.

While you are able to edit HTML and Text content (and not go through the whole import process), I often don't have to change any of the details. So often its "next, next, next" and it can be very time consuming especially when it was due to a slight typo or I am experimenting with slight layout changes and need to do multiple imports.

What I would love to see it (and excuse me if this has already been suggested or is possible now) is to have a “re-import  button next to the Content “Edit  button (see below).

Clicking this button can do 1 of 2 things:

1.    Re-import the content using the exact same settings as the first time I imported the content, without prompting me
-- or --
2.    Provide me with a list of the steps listed above, so I can go into the which ever ones need adjusting, make the adjustment, then click re-import.

The second option gives a lot more freedom, as it saves me from going through the whole process, but gives me the option to adjust a single setting if need be. The second option can be expanded, by listing my current settings next to each option, as a way to remind me of what is currently selected.

This is a simplistic view of the process (ie how would you automate the re-importing of content off your local computer), but I would love to see something like this available.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Jason, thanks for the awesome and well thought out feedback!

Not sure if you've been using them, but we've adding an edit link for both the HTML and text version of your email (which you can see in your screenshot). This allows you to quickly update one version in particular within a couple of steps, as opposed to going through the entire process again using the big blue "Edit" button on the right.

Of course, a re-import button would be very handy in one circumstance. If you're importing your campaign from the web, then we could re-import your content with a single click right from this page. No hassle. The problem is, we can't do the same for content you import from your local computer. Basically (and rightly so), the only time we can access a file on your computer is when you use the file input and browse to the file yourself.

So, for those importing from the web, this is something for us to consider, but for everyone else, there isn't a better option than the current "Edit" link for that specific version of your content.

Does that make sense?

dod dod, 9 years ago

Hi Dave.

It makes perfect sense, thanks!

...and in composing the post, I did come across the edit buttons (which I mentioned), and I realise the limitations of importing off a computer (also mentioned in the post).

It would be interesting to see how many of the CM users import from their computer as opposed to those who import from the web.

I like to use the web, as it serves as a great "non-mail client" preview for my clients.


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