Trouble creating template using API

I am authorizing using the api key with the follow code:

$auth = array('api_key' => 'api key');
$wrap = new CS_REST_Templates(NULL, $auth);
$result = $wrap->create('client id', array(
    'Name' => 'Template test',
    'HtmlPageURL' => 'http://localhost/templates/cmtest.html',
    'ZipFileURL' => null,

I am getting this error
object(stdClass)#244 (2) {
  string(21) "Invalid HTML Page URL"

I have the html template in the location specified but still keep getting the invalid HTML page url.

Can someone please help

Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi jvyda,

The HtmlPageURL needs to be a URL which is accessible to our servers, so that they can download the template source. That means it needs to be a publicly accessible URL, which anything at "localhost" is not.

You'll need to host the template code somewhere public and then use that URL instead.

jvyda, 3 years ago

Thanks phil,
Realized the issue and got it working. thanks for the reply though.

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