I've never designed a newsletter before / design testing

I've never actually designed a newsletter before, but have something that I'm reasonably happy with. I'm going to use the email testing product for $5 to test everything looks ok. My question is, do I get to re-run the test? Or is it a one time only test? $5 is a good price, but I can see me spending a bit trying to get everything working correctly if I have to keep running it again and again ;)


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Jordan. It's $5 for each test. However, it's generally doesn't take more than a couple of tests before you get all of the kinks worked out of your design. If you're running into any specific display issues just post about them here and someone will likely be able to help.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jordelver, 9 years ago

Ok, thanks. I'll get on and put together the HTML and see how I go :)
You may be hearing from me again :)


cdmcmail cdmcmail, 9 years ago

I am curious why there is a charge for each test? There are always problems when setting up emails and many time a number of tests are needed to work them all out. Is there not a way to offer a $10 per campaign email test or something similiar?

Jayneylou, 9 years ago

If you're concerned about the costs you can run up in testing and retesting... set up a couple of free web accounts like Yahoo and Hotmail and utilise your own office resources in terms of email clients.  In house we have Thunderbird, Outlook 2007 and Entourage running so before I pay for testing I tweak out the bugs using these clients and then once I'm satisfied I've sorted out all the problems on these I run the tests to find any bugs in clients I haven't got access to.

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