Panic newsletter misbehaving?

Here's something for the community to respond to (or find out if it is only happening to me). I posted the following on Ros Hodgekiss' excellent article on CSS3 animations. I copied and pasted the post to Ros:


I always enjoy your articles and love the Panic examples you dissect. I always learn something from them. As a result of these articles, I have asked them to subscribe me to their newsletters to see them first hand. I struggle with trying to tend to as many platforms as possible and at least degrade gracefully for the “troublesome” ones mainly Outlook on PC. I love how they push the envelope and, although I know they have a mostly Mac base, I was surprised at the fact the most recent campaign did not display images (even still) on Outlook 2011 on the Mac. Works beautifully as intended on Mail (Ken burns effect and all) and iOS 7.

Mind you, I do not mean this as a criticism, but mainly as a learning opportunity. What could be the issue here?


And here are some screenshots:

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