vendor to flesh out lists

I was reading this article on Marketing Sherpa:

Specifically, this bit:
"Johnny Cupcakes partnered with a vendor to fill in the gaps in its customer knowledge, in order to help take full advantage of its segmenting capabilities and providing its customers with the most relevant offer possible.

After going through and specifically mining their customer's social media accounts, Hiltz and his team were able to determine several facts enabling them to move forward confidently with their new product launch."

It seems a bit creepy but essentially sounds like they were matching up subscribers to public social media profiles, then fleshing out what information they could to help them segment their lists.

This is something that might interest a couple of my customers, and I'm curious as to what something like that might involve. Does anyone know of a vendor that would do this kind of task? My web searches thus far have not turned up anything relevant, although it's possible I'm looking for the wrong keywords.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there goatlady, as you mention, there's a fine line between intelligent and creepy :) However, if you'd like to look into this, there are two options:

- Using the APIs for social media services like Facebook and Twitter to extract profile data
- Using a service like Datafuse to aggregate stats for you

Note that it's well worth reading into each SM provider's terms/privacy statements before making this data actionable - I know in the past there's been issues with earlier services like Flowtown linking profiles to email addresses. I think much of the reason why there isn't much data out there is because it's a bit of a legal minefield, so look before you leap :)

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