Syncronise lists

Is it possible to syncronise lists between client accounts?

In this case 'client accounts' refers to business units within a single company.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi carl.michael - it may be possible to do this using our API, but we don't have a means of duplicating subscribers between client accounts at present, I'm sorry to say. We recommend doing this with care, as if someone unsubscribes from a particular business unit's emails, it's easy to confuse this with unsubscribing fom all email from the company overall. As a result, we usually recommend using segments, or multiple lists from within the same account.

Thanks, Carl - let us know if you have any questions about this :)

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carl.michael, 3 years ago

I totally understand where you are coming from in terms of best practice. Which I'd always want any company I work for to adhere to.

It is worth baring in mind though, that EU companies work to compliance with the PECR Directive which differs from Austrialia's Spam Act (2003), and USA's CAN-SPAM.

As you say, it's probably be best to use segments in such an instance.

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