Create custom styles/tags ?

Hi !
First, congrats for your great tool !

I'm a web designer (more used to MailChimp and others) and need to create a template for my client on your platform. No problem for that. But I've a big issue and can't figure a way around. How can I create a simple H2 or HR or anything in a multiline block without asking my client to modify it in the code ? As it's realy helpful when your have nested informations and need more structure.

I found the button "insert" but can't find how to add my own "piece of code" to be inserted or how to change the style of a <p> to tranform it in a <h2> or at least how to add a custom class (predefinned style) to a <p> ?

Thanks for your help !

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there, Weblogin! What we usually recommend in this regard is creating a layout in the template with pre-styled headings and text, with the heading either in its own layout, or outside of the <multiline>. For example:

<layout label="Heading with article text">
    <singleline label="Heading">Your heading here</singleline>
   <multiline>Article text</multiline>

<layout label="Large heading">
    <singleline>Your heading here</singleline>

Does this make sense? We find that using individual layouts for sections/heading means a lot more control over the look and feel of the overall newsletter and less fussing over code.

Thanks, WebLogin - let us know how you go :)

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WebLogin, 4 years ago

Thanks for your answer.
But the problem with the Layout option is that you can't have a repeater inside a repeater so it's pointless, as I need to be able to create multiple blocks that contains multiple possible sub-blocs (with h2, h3, etc).

I think that it should be a major update to your system, you have a nice "insert button", why not given the template developpers the possibility to create our little piece of code that can be used here (in the drop-down menu, like "custom"). It will be user friendly, because if nothing is add, they still have the basic ones, and if a dev add is own, the client can use them just be clicking, no code de add. It can simply be some new tags in the template that your system can check to see if the dev create new tags to add to the WYSIWYG "insert" part.

This way adding a H2, a HR, a DIV, etc is up to the developper of the template and doesn't surcharge your WYSIWYG. So bad that we can't have more freedom on the content. Sorry to say that but it's very frustrating, you have a realy good product but this is realy problematic, more if you compare to a lot of your competitors that already got that possibility...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there WebLogin, we've had a few requests for nested layouts/repeaters, as well as layout elements like headings etc - it's most certainly on our radar and we'll be letting you know if it's something we introduce. But in the interim, what I recommend is taking a rather modular approach, with layouts for combos like, "H1 heading with article", "H2 heading with article".

Sorry to hear that you've found this workflow to be hard-going - we did focus on simplicity over all and while this approach seems to work well for a lot of designers, we agree that not having options like this makes it tricky for others. But we are listening - and there's a good chance you'll see improvements to the editor at a later date.

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chrislow, 1 year ago

Is this something that CM is still looking at adding? It would provide much greater flexibility for designers and email marketers who have requirements that fall outside your template builder application.

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