Sending 'email address' via page link?

Hi, I have a client who wants to conduct a survey and track individual users by sending a unique identifier at the end of a URL survey link in their newsletter, such as: CODE HERE

I'm not a programmer, but is it possible to use the code [email]in place of the 'ADD CODE HERE' to specify the individual user? If not, is there another 'easy' way?


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hey Dred. You could import all of those unqiue codes as a custom field and then include the personalization tag in  your url. … amp;id=[idcode,fallback=]

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
dred, 9 years ago

dpotter, thanks for the quick reply. The client has an email list of about 4000, so it seems that creating 4000 unique codes would be inefficient.

Is there a reason why adding this at the end wouldn't work?: '...&;id=[email,fallback=]'


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

You could certainly add the email address there, that would work fine. It is just a matter of whether your survey tool will accept the email address as an ID or not. You'd need to check that with them.

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dred, 9 years ago

Thx Mathew. You're right, as I did check and found out that it needs to be numerical. So I've used a custom field as dpotter suggested and it seems to be working like a charm.

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