API calls to the client-wide suppression list?

Hello all -

I'd like to make a quick tool to allow our phone sales folks to add emails to our suppression list. I'd prefer to use the http-get style if possible, to keep things simple, but the suppression list doesn't appear to have a ListID. Is it hiding somewhere in the docs? Or is it not possible? Thanks much, -T.

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Hi Tobias, sorry for the slow response.

At this stage there isn't a method to add subscribers to the suppression list, but we've added this as a feature request for the API.

I should point out that the unsubscribe method in the API does add the user to the suppression list, so if the subscriber is in your list this will work, but they are only added if the unsubscribe actually happens, so calling this with email addresses that aren't in your list won't add them to the suppression list.

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