CM guru needed to assist with getting us started, pssbl ongoing work


Our budget is $15 to $35, depending on experience.

I'm new to Campaign Monitor and would like a consulting help.
I am looking for a solo operator *not* an agency.

Depending on your hourly rate I may choose to do most of the work myself and use you in more of a "consultative" role where you help out with the hard parts.

Don't care too much about our newsletter looking unique, so I'll probably use existing templates.
I need help more with the operation of CM than with templates (at least from what I can see so far)


The best way to differentiate yourself as an outstanding contractor is with references.
If you have a "rep" somewhere, please forward that to me.

Here are MY references:

It's a big plus if I can pay you through but I'm open to other options ( paypal, etc.)
Please reply to  with your hourly rate, availability and any questions you have.

I would like to start with some small tasks so that we can get comfortable.

-Clay Nichols

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