Design / spam test taking a while

Just running another quick design test before sending the email off and it's taking forever to run.
Last time I ran a test it only took a few minutes to run, but this one has been going for over an hour.
Can it normally take this long to run a test?


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Jordan,

Yes, it can take up to several hours for all the testing to be completed. Emails don't necessarily arrive instantly, so there can be waiting time there. We are not currently able to show results for AOL Web though, due to a recent change in that email client.

I've checked your test and almost everything is complete now.

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jordelver, 9 years ago

And in typical fashion, the minute I post this all my screenshots popup! :)

jordelver, 9 years ago

Thanks Mathew :)

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