Is there an easy way to let imported email address users Confirm?

I know I can do double opt-in, but if I import emails, they are not required to confirm, correct?

I have not been sending to these folks regularly in the last year so I would like them to confirm they still want to be on the list.

But I'd rather not send them somewhere to have to RETYPE their email address.

Is there a link I can embed?

OR... is there a way to have them click something that would include them in a Segment (which I'd call "confirmed from old list" or something)

Kris2 Kris2, 4 years ago

You can set up a segment that is based on the user clicking on a specific link in a campaign. The link will have to go to a page (maybe "Thanks for staying in touch?" - and to make sure you get rid of everyone that doesn't want to hear from you maybe include a HUGE unsubscribe link/button?? cover both bases?

1. Choose your list
2. Click segments (right hand side)
3. Click "Create a new segment" (right hand side)
4. Give the segment a name
5. Click "Start building segment"
6. Choose "Campaign Was Opened - Specific Link Clicked"
7. Click "Add Rule"
8. Choose your campaign
9. Pick the link
10. Press Save & Refresh

Hope this helps.

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