Is there a way to include the user's email as ?Param for signup form?

This is related to the question I just asked:

If I know the user's email address and am just confirming (I just imported them from our customer list) and I want to have an easy "click here to continue subscribing"  I could launch your signup page but with their email address and name *prefilled*

JohnP JohnP, 3 years ago

You could do this with URL params. You'd just need your own signup page with some PHP to fill that form field if the param exists. Just go to the 'grab the code' section in CM and do some editing.

If you link to your signup page (signup.php in this example) :

Then your signup.php page should look something like this:

// if the url param exists, set as $email/$name, else set it to blank
$email = isset($_GET["email"]) ? $_GET["email"] : '';
$name = isset($_GET["name"]) ? $_GET["name"] : '';

<!-- putting params into textareas -->
<textarea id="fieldEmail" name="cm-(something)" value=""><?php echo $email; ?></textarea>
<textarea id="fileName" name="cm-name" value=""><?php echo $name; ?></textarea>

I've omitted the rest of the html and form, but that is all you need to add to your page for simple pre-populating of form fields via URL parameters.

Debut1978, 3 years ago

If you know the email just add the email box with php and fill the value from php

<input type="text" name="email_adress" value="<?php echo $emailadress;?>" />

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