<tbody> Why use it?

Personally I've never used <tbody> tags. I don't see the point besides it being technically more semantic (which IMHO is kinda pointless - this is email after all).

Anyone have a better argument than that? Do you use them, and if so why??

zerocents zerocents, 4 years ago

If you do any responsive templates and you're using descendant selectors it can be an issue since some clients/browsers add the tbody tags, which means using a table > tr > td selector doesn't work, you'd also need a table > tbody > tr > td selector.

I personally don't use them, every byte counts and you can get by without them.

Michael Muscat
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Personally I don't use <tbody>. Traditionally they've been used for styling tables (alongside <thead>), but if you can't see an application for them, don't worry about using them :)

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jacksonburton, 3 years ago

I think many don't uses that at all, that seems to be confusing, with or without that with standard script it will be just as is. The web design vancouver services, also educated me same thing, at first I thought that would give a big help,, but it wouldn't.

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