Add a subscriber to different clients


My stores are seperated as clients, including the Main store. What i need is 1 submission form where the visitor selects the store - and the option to recieve "Main store - global newsletter" too.

But how do i add 1 subscriber to 2 different clients?.

my client setup:
store 1 - Local newsletter
store 2 - Local newsletter
store 3 - Local newsletter
Main store - global newsletter

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

You need to consolidate your different stores into one master list then segment them with a custom field.

davidaf davidaf, 4 years ago

Hi Kenneth,

To do this you would either need to have the lists consolidated under one client, or if you really need to have them as separate clients you could use our API to create a bespoke form to be able to add subscribers across different clients in one form, see the API docs here.

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kennethknudsen, 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply

@JohnP thank you, but there are over 30 stores - and having them all sending out from one account is not going to work. I would agree that this would be the easiest solution - but it opens up the door for more trouble like: accidentally sending out an email for a different store, sending out emails for a different stores customers to get customers.

@Davidaf Interesting, I did have a feeling this could be complicated. Is there any page with some bespoke form example code for PHP? Or do you know of any developers that might be interested in coding this – and getting payed for it?

JohnP JohnP, 4 years ago

In that case I'd suggest using the API to pull all the lists, combine them, then API push them back to a separate 'master' list. You could use a cronjob for example to automate this periodically and keep the master in sync with the other individual lists.

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