Unsubscribe Redirect Passes the Campaign ID?

can the redirect pass through the campaign ID as well as the email address by any chance?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

No, just the email address is possible I'm afraid

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thomen, 9 years ago

is there any way we could make this a feature request as on our end we send campaigns to multiple types of users and email campaigns can be promotional or informational and depending on which type of email we're sending we need to handle the opt outs differently so an email address doesn't overly suffice in our situation..

what i originally was hoping to do was use the campaign ID to map it to the campaign on our end and determine the campaign type then use the campaign ID in conjunction with the API to get the current subscriber and use their custom field to pull back their user type and handle the unsubscribe that way..

the only problem using the api to pull back the mailing list for a given campaign is that client.GetCampaigns will get all sent campaigns and i really want to deal with it on a campaign by campaign basis as if we're running multiple campaigns and use GetCampaigns the system won't know which is the current campaign of the mulitple or which to use and hence which is relevant to unsubscribe...

i originally envisaged using my custom field and passing it via the [customTag] in the url of the unsubscribe redirect but learnt it would not work...

any assistance would be much appreciated..

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