When I create a new campaign, how do I reuse a previous email?

If I want to use an email previously sent for a new campaign, how do I do that?

ChrisB ChrisB, 4 years ago

Hey MrAnalogy, thanks for checking in! This is a pretty easy one — under the Create & Send tab we have a sub-menu and an available item titled 'Edit and resend'. Just click that and then select the previously Sent campaign that you want to use again.

You can read all about that in a tastefully crafted help document here: http://help.campaignmonitor.com/topic.aspx?t=144. Hope that helps!

MrAnalogy, 4 years ago

When I click on Edit and Resend for a previously sent campaign, it takes me back to the Drafts section.
(BTW, the UI element (small inverted divot ) is hard to notice, and without that you have no idea what screen you've changed to.

MrAnalogy, 4 years ago

nevermind, figured it out (after re-reading the instructions). It creates a copy of the campaign.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Awesome, glad you found the solution. :)

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