New Client Billing Setup

In the past when I first started using Campaign Monitor, I would:
• Create an account for a client
• Setup their restrictions
• Copy and paste their username and password into an email along with a link to add their billing info.

Now I go in and:
• Create an account for a new client
• Setup their restrictions
• Send them their login invite from the system

Today I had a client call and say "Have they entered their billing info yet?" (talking about a 3rd party client). So I go into the interface and surprise they haven't. When I go in and create a new account for myself and set it up so I am allowed to buy credits, upon logging in I realize there is no longer a billing option in the interface for my clients.

Am I missing something?

My goal was to go in, take a couple of screenshots and say, "when you login, click on this link to add your CC info." Pretty much I do all the rest of it for them, they just need a secure way to add their CC that doesn't involve e-mail or cell phones or me ever having to hear or acknowledge that I've at some point touched their CC info.

Any help is appreciated.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there cpattersonv1, this is very curious, as I don't think we've changed much on our end as far as billing goes these last few months. Could you kindly double-check that billing is set to "Client pays" in their Client Settings?

The other thing to mention is that in a "Client pays" scenario, the client will be prompted for their credit card upon sending their first campaign via the app, so they don't necessarily have to add their details in advance if they're sending for themselves.

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cpattersonv1, 4 years ago

See, this is the problem. Before, I could send the client a link to input their billing info. Now I have to give the client detailed instructions on how to select a campaign, skip a test, and then add their credit card info once they've approved the mailing list (which is way more involved than before). These clients aren't "sending for themselves" but there is no option to "allow client to pay for emails and view reports only."

Even them managing their lists is fine, but when I have to hand-hold them through a highly technical process to be able to ultimately send their campaign it's a lot of time and a huge pain (whereas it didn't used to be this way).

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