Report on subscribers that have updated their preferences


We have 2 questions and appreciate if you can help us with these please:

1- Is there a way to report on subscribers that have updated their preferences e.g. Name or Email address?

2- Differentiate between difference sources for subscriptions e.g. website form or manual entry?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there ramtin, at present it isn't possible to report on, or flag subscribers who have updated their preferences, I'm sorry to say. It's something for us to consider, so I'll add your vote internally and let you know if this happens at a later date. Sorry about that!

As for the different types of signups, manual entry is when you add a subscriber via the Campaign Monitor app, whereas a form can be on your site. The best way to differentiate signups is to create a custom field for "Source" and tag new signups accordingly. Let us know if you have questions about either of these points :)

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