Exporting an old campaign

This is a question I've had to ask in the past to other CM users, as I seem to have a total blind spot for it:

Where can I export an old campaign's content (not a template, the whole newsletter HTML + images)? to reuse and create a new campaign from?

I know it's there somewhere, but it's been eluding me today!

JD JD, 4 years ago

Hello and a great question! You might be looking for the Edit and Resend feature, which allows you to take an old/past campaign and move a direct copy back to the drafts area. You can use that as a base to recreate a new campaign. Or, if you want to use the HTML and images on your desktop to create a new campaign. You can find that past campaign in the Reports page, click on the "View" link to preview what the campaign looked like > use the web version link > then use your browser ( right-click "save as" ) to save a complete version of the HTML and images on your desktop. I hope that has helped!

Campaign Monitor Support
thatcanadiangirl, 4 years ago

Thanks JD :)

I eventually dug out Diana's old answer from last year, which goes a little further:
Go to Edit and resend past campaign > update (on campaign snapshot) > edit my html - This then provides the source HTML I needed

This is what I needed (and got, and our newsletter happily went out yesterday afternoon)

EvelynShapiro, 3 years ago

Thank you! I found this today and it's saving me a LOT of time being able to pull up my November issue and rework it for December.

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