Email rendering issue with the native email application on Iphone

One month ago, I integrated a email in HTML for one of my client. The rendering with the native email application on Iphone was perfect. But today, I have a big issue with this email. I don't change any line of code but the final rendering is a desaster. Some line of codes appears in the rendering in the email and at the end.
Image of the rendering:

Maybe iPhone have change one rules. Do you have any idea to fix this ?

Thank you so much for helping me!!

My email code is available here:


Carissa Carissa, 4 years ago

Hi Edward, welcome to our forum! I've just tested your code in Gmail on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7, and I'm not seeing the same thing - even after I choose 'Download entire message', so hopefully it's not a problem for all of your Gmail subscribers.

We have had other people report seeing duplicate content or bits of code within their emails. We think those reports are related to iOS truncation over cellular data, but this is the first we've heard of it happening in Gmail too. It's clear that Gmail truncates like the Mail app, so it's at least not far off.

The factors which are common among the other reports are 1) using an iPhone 4 specifically, 2) receiving mail over a GRPS or 3G connection, and 3) running iOS 7. Would any of those be factors here too?

If you could try sending yourself another test email using a different connection (for example wifi), or maybe another iPhone model, the problem will hopefully disappear. Please let us know how it goes!

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EdwardBloom, 4 years ago

Hello Carissa.

Thank you so much for your help !! I did a big mistake yesterday. My problems don't come from the Gmail application but from the native email application on Iphone.

An other exemple of rendering issue on Iphone:

The code of this email is available here:

Thank you so much Carissa for your time and your help !!


EdwardBloom, 4 years ago


I tested with a iPhone 5 with iOS 7 and the rendering is perfect. The problem seems to come from iPhone 4 with iOS7 as you said Carissa. The problem is : my client have an iPhone 4 with iOS7, so I have to find a solution to fix this issue.

I tested this solution : "Make sure that you have a minimum of 1,019 characters before your closing head tag (</head>) including spaces and carriage returns." but doesn't work....

EdwardBloom, 4 years ago

I tried to add 2000+ space characters berfore closing head tag and that seems to work. I need to do some others tests to certify this solution.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Thanks, Edward - please keep us in the loop. We'd love to know how you go here. I've personally haven't been able to prove that the "have a minimum of 1,019 characters..." solution works, but would love to be proven otherwise :)

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MattHodkinson, 3 years ago

I'm encountering the same issue in my design on iPhone 4, IOS 7. I strongly suspect that this is down to the length of my email as it has a lot of content and is responsive so there is a lot of scrolling.

It's 109kb!

ddnohn, 3 years ago

many thanks mattho

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zerocents zerocents, 3 years ago

I ran some proofs on iphone 4 upgraded to iOS 7.1 that came out today, initial indications suggest that this has resolved the rendering issues caused by truncation. Can anyone else confirm?

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