Issue with <fblike> on campaign

So I am using the <fblike> tag on a campaign, however, in my testing when you click the Like link the user is presented with the FB like box, but after posting, nothing happens the box doesn't go away and the LIKE is registered (if you go under Activity Log on FB you see the Like is registered, but yet nothing shows up on the timeline, nor is it tracked as a LIKE in CM's reporting.

CM is telling me this is a bug with FB and not campaign monitor, but is anyone else having this issue?

JD JD, 4 years ago


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the <fblike> in your campaigns. Our support team would be happy to take a look! If you could drop us a line at support@ with your account information, we can definitely troubleshoot. Thanks for your patience!

Campaign Monitor Support
joco, 4 years ago

JD... I already emailed support. And they are blaming Facebook for the problem.  And after doing research into the CM Code, CM is definitely not following the FB guidelines for using their LIKES and SHARE buttons.

Mathew Mathew, 4 years ago

Hey Joco,

I've looked into the ticket you mentioned, and based on our investigation it does seem to be an intermittent Facebook issue. Do you have more specific information about the problem you found in your research?

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