Clients sharing subscriber lists

Is it possible for subscriber lists to be shared between clients? I am interested in doing that because I am managing a university Faculty's website and each of our programming units are treated as clients.

I have created a single "opt-in" page [] where interested visitors would select which programming newsletters to receive. To make that work I have to, as far as I know, create segments under the "Faculty" client entity. My account looks like this:

- Faculty (all programs) client
   --- Business segment
   --- Arts segment
   --- Sciences segment
- Business client
- Arts client
- Sciences client

Now, if the individual programming units wish to tap into the opt-in list I have to export the lists from the "Faculty" client and import them back into their respective client sections.

If there was a way to simply share that information? Alternatively, would there be a way to create the "opt-in" page that writes the subscriber info into the various clients rather than the only "Faculty" one?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Subscriber lists are only per-client in Campaign Monitor, we don't have a way of synchronising them across different clients. Your only option really would be to have custom development to use the API to keep lists in sync - see for details

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uaextension, 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply.
In that case, I'd be quite happy breaking out the programming units into individual "clients" in Campaign Monitor. Only, is there a way to still have that one - common - subscription opt in page [, then? Or is that something that would also involve APIs and back-end programming?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Yeah, that's right, you'd also need to use the API on your subscribe form if you're looking to automatically update multiple lists. Also keep in mind that suppression lists are client-wide. So, if someone unsubscribe for one client, that unsubscribe won't be synced across to the other client, and could get you into trouble if they hear from you again.

Based on your requirements, I'd definitely consider sticking to a single client, and then just let each of your faculties us that single client when sending campaigns. Keeps things much easier and means you won't have to worry about any custom API work or missing unsubscribes.

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