Internet Explorer 11 Removes Selected Text When Adding Hyper Link

Hey there CM,

We have a client reporting an issue in Internet Explorer 11. When they go to highlight a word for the purpose of making it a link, the text that was highlighted drops the selection. No link can be applied. We are able to recreate this issue in IE 11 on Windows 7. See screenshots.

Unfortunately our client is unable to install FF or Chrome due to their IT policies. How shall we proceed?


JD JD, 3 years ago

Hello, and sorry to hear you're having some trouble with the Editor in IE11. Thanks so much for those great screenshots, by the way! We have had a few reports of the new IE11 causing some similar issues and are working on a resolution. Unfortunately, we know the suggestion to use another browser isn't the best option for your client, though thats the only solution while we work to solve those issues. I do apologize for the inconvenience here and I've logged your report as another area to investigate. Thanks for your patience!

Campaign Monitor Support
zerocents zerocents, 3 years ago

If it works in earlier versions of IE, you could try emulating earlier versions by opening the developer tools (F12), then scrolling down to the emulation tab and selecting IE10 (or earlier) from the Document Mode (default is Edge). You could also try adding the site to their compatability view list but that is not always reliable.

Michael Muscat
kristyewing, 3 years ago

Hello, a client of ours is reporting the exact same problems after upgrading their browser to IE 11. Is there a fix on the horizon?

Mathew Mathew, 3 years ago

Hi all,

We've recently made an update to fix the issues with IE11, so everything should now be working normally for you all. We'll continue to keep an eye on it and make sure IE11 support is maintained with future updates.


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jonathan, 3 years ago

Hello all,

my colleagues are reporting continuing similar problems with IE11 (let's not start talking about why they're using IE).

In editor mode (not source), when pasting text at the beginning of a line, and after a <br />, the text is pasted before the <br /> (does that make sense?).

So when I want this:

[first old text]
[new text] [second old text]

I get

[first old text][new text]
[second old text]

And at the moment, I simply cannot create a hyperlink in IE. See here:

(I thought if the codekids could post a screenshot, then so could I!)

I just get the greyed out screen, but no overlay. Niente, nada. Donde esta el link?

Any thoughts?

Best from Vienna

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