When will we see new features with CM?

For the last few months I have been requesting several new features.  Things like the ability to standardize to templatize the text version of our emails, easier ability to add google fonts, etc. 

Quite honestly, I haven't seen much in "improvements" in months.  And as one of the most expensive providers of email campaigns I don't see that you guys are any longer on the cutting edge.  Heck I would even be happy with a lower price point. Because lately I have been questioning the reason to stay with CM considering we see many other more advanced features from other email campaign managers.

Carissa Carissa, 4 years ago

Hi Joco,

I can understand feeling like your feature requests are being overlooked. We have released several major updates in the past few months: 50 custom fields, bulletproof buttons and backgrounds, and dynamic content. Certainly, these might not have been features you’d use, but they were long-awaited and highly requested by many others.

We have made changes to the plain text version in the past, so depending on the demand we may make further updates to it in the future.

I can assure you that our development team is hard at work and we have a couple big updates in store for early next year. I really hope these are a benefit to you.

If you haven’t yet found the value of our service, we’d love the opportunity to see if we could help you better utilize the features which we already have, or possibly see if one of our pricing plans is more fitting. As my colleague, Ros, mentioned there could be ways to restructure your HTML so that the plain text is imported closer to how you’d want. Please just send some details about your account to our support team and we can take a look.

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