Campaigns Sent But Not Received

Have sent various campaigns with a variety of subscriber lists (each with varying amounts of subscribers). Name on account, my boss, is not receiving the campaigns in his email. he receives all sent confirmations and invoices but not the campaigns themselves. snapshot shows it was delivered to him. He is not on the suppression list, nor is there any evidence of unsubscribe or bounce activity associated with his name. any thoughts as to why this is happening? i fear this could be happening to others on our subscriber lists? i've even tried sending a campaign as a test solely to his email. he received confirmation this test was sent but, again, not the campaign itself. please advise, thanks!

Diana Diana, 9 years ago


Cases like these are tricky. Most of the time the email is being filtered as spam. Another option is if the from address is the same as the to address, the mail server might be rejecting it, because that's an address it controls but the email wasn't sent through it. Try changing the from address to something different and sending another test. You might also want to talk to your mail admin to see if they can trace what's happening with the email.

D. Potter
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