Lost all changes made to campaign

Yesterday I was working on an email campaign, and made sure to save my work at the end by pressing "save all changes", then shut down the computer. Today when I logged back in, none of my changes are there anymore, it reverted back to pretty much an empty emailer. I spent a very long time working on this emailer and I really don't want to redo everything.
Does anyone know what's going on here and how to get my work back?

JD JD, 3 years ago

Hello and sorry to hear you had trouble saving your changes. Unfortunately, many times this has to do with a loss of connection when attempting to save the content or perhaps the window was closed before the process was finished. All very frustrating, we can certainly understand! If you wouldn't mind sending some account details to our support team, we can have a look at the activity logs and investigate. Thanks for your help!

Campaign Monitor Support
Lambo, 3 years ago

Happened to me few weeks ago.. Had to do all over again..

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