Autoresponders - how do I make them work in this way?

Imagine I have two products each of which has separate autoresponders,

When someone buys Product 1 they are automatically signed up for Autoresponder 1

Autoresponder 1 includes sales messages for Product 2

When they buy Product 2 they are automatically signed up for Autoresponder 2.

But how do I automatically stop someone getting Autoresponder 1 if they are now getting Autoresponder 2? In other words, how do I automate the removal of someone from Autoresponder 1 if they have signed up for Autoresponder 2?

I used to use 1ShoppingCart and Aweber and it was easy to do. I don't see it as an obvious setting in Campaign Monitor, but I may be missing something by not looking in the right place.

Any ideas on how I can work things like this?

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey Graham,

Thanks for your post and that's a good question! Unfortunately we don't have a 1ShoppingCart integration available at present, plus do not have behavioural based autoresponder functionality at this time, however you could certainly achieve via our API, so please find a little more on this here.

When an individual buys Product 2, you could use a webhook to shoot a notification back to you to inform you that someone has been added to your Autoresponder 2 list, and upon doing so, you could then fire off this API call to check whether this individual is within your Autoresponder 1 list. If this call returns the individual in question, then you could then use this this API call to delete them from this list, which will then ensure they do not receive any further autoresponder emails going forward.

Thanks a lot and I hope that helps!

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