Using the API to send system emails


I want to use the api to send welcome emails, verification emails etc on our site. Is it possible to send the same campaign to different email addresses without having to re-create a campaign with a new list?

The flow I am trying to acheive is this:

1. User registers
2. Save them into a list via api with email, username and id
3. Send personalised campaign to their email only with the details attached to their email in list
4. View results for all welcome emails within one campaign report

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 3 years ago


You'll need to re-create the campaign each time. You could create a campaign from a template using the following method:
That way, you can place most of the re-used content in there and set the customised content in the editable regions as required.
The downside to this approach is this will generate a report for each campaign sent, rather than a single report.

Have you considered Autoresponders? You can send out automated campaigns to users as they sign up to your mailing list, without requiring any set up or programming via the API. Please see:
The reporting will be combined rather than individual.

For details on autoresponders, please see:

Hope that makes sense and helps.

unifolio unifolio, 3 years ago

Thanks Greg.

The autoresponders work great, the only issue I'm having is re-subscribing users. I have included the below in my request, but it doesn't seem to be resending emails.

$paramsArr = array(
  'listId' => $listId,
  'subscriber' => array(
    'EmailAddress' => $email,
    'CustomFields' => array(
        'Key'    => 'id',
        'Value'    => $id
        'Key'    => 'username',
        'Value'    => $username
    'Resubscribe'    => true,
    'RestartSubscriptionBasedAutoresponders' => true

Any ideas on where I'm going wrong?

Coding Monkey | | @unifolio
SoerenS SoerenS, 3 years ago

Just a quick note on something I've observed: Have patience, when playing around with AutoResponders. Even though you THINK you've set one to go out immediately, CampaignMonitor sometimes takes 15+ minutes to send them out.

Haven't got any details on it, but I'm also currently playing around with something similar (although a bit more advanced).

Online Marketing Manager @
unifolio unifolio, 3 years ago

In case anyone else has the same issue:

I wanted to use the api to send all our sites auto emails, I did this by adding subscribers to different lists and using autoresponders for each list. The issue I came across was that there was a possibility that a user would need to be added to a list twice by carrying out certain actions (commenting, forgotten password etc), this updated the current user based on the email but the autoresponder wasn't being sent.

My solutions for this was to delete the subscriber from the specified list if they existed, then adding them as a new subscriber. This works great for me as I'm not using the lists to store data, I'm just using to send the autoresponders.

Coding Monkey | | @unifolio

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