AutoResponder stats not working?


I'm in the process of redesigning one of our AutoResponder chains, and of course I want to do this based on some stats.

I noticed a bug in the system, and I'm wondering if someone else can confirm it or if it is just me.

When viewing an AutoResponder chain you have some statisticts on top. And in the top right corner, there's a "View activity for:" dropdown box. But when I change it from "All time" to "Last 30 days", the page refreshes alright but none of the stats changes.

I've tested it in both Chrome and Firefox.

Can anyone confirm this bug so we can report it?

Best regards,
Soeren Sprogoe

SoerenS SoerenS, 3 years ago

An update: Looks like the line chart changes alright from "All time" to "30 days", but none of the actual figures does.

Online Marketing Manager @
paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey Soeren,

Thanks for the report, the drop down box there should only change the information in the chart, rather than the statistics shown on the top line and on the right.

It would definitely be useful to change the stats that are displayed though and as such I have added a vote on your behalf for this to be updated. If we can go ahead with that we'll be able to let you know.

Thanks again Soeren!

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SoerenS SoerenS, 3 years ago

Thanks for a fast response!

And am I right in assuming that there is no other way to get to this information? No export to Excel function? Other than maybe going through the API?

Problem is, when I get around to actually implementing our AutoResponder redesign, I want to be able to pull out some before/after stats so I can meassure the effect of the redesign. Currently that doesn't seem possible.

/Soeren S.

Online Marketing Manager @
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi Soeren and others reading this thread, I'm just letting you know that we've given reporting a huge refresh alongside our recent automation update. You'll now see beautiful, detailed reports within your workflows, including who clicked, opened and more. Give it a look in your accounts and let us know what you think - hopefully they're what you've been looking for!

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