New features in MailChimp

I've seen a couple of "out of the box" things from MailChimp in recent months that look pretty interesting. More marketing-related than email technical.

Trigger emails from web site traffic:

Making use of "big data":

Any chance we will be seeing similar things from CM in the future?

goatlady goatlady, 3 years ago

Also this: filtering out of office replies:

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi goatlady, I'm sorry for the late reply here during the holiday season. These are indeed, really interesting features and we're really keen to see what kind of demand there is for similar functionality in Campaign Monitor. While we're not currently developing identical solutions, I can let slip that we are working on some pretty exciting new segments functionality, which we'll likely be telling you more about in the coming month or so. Hopefully you'll be able to achieve a similar level of precision when targeting subscribers, regardless of whether you have a list of 350, or 3.5 million :)

The OoO reply thing is certainly something we've looked into, so I'll be sure to let you know if it's something we introduce at a later date.

Thank you for keeping us up with the times, Goatlady - if there are any other specific improvements that you'd like to see, let us know, as we'd love to see how we can work them into our plans for 2014. Have a great weekend ahead!

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goatlady goatlady, 3 years ago

Thanks for replying, Ros. In general I love CM and the fact that you guys put out updates regularly, sometimes for functionality I didn't think I would need until I saw it :)

I have quite a few suggestions, some for making reseller's lives easier (allowing allocation of credits to clients paying for themselves, pricing "templates" that can be quickly applied to new clients) and some for the editor (in-editor support for video, the ability to include a layout where the user can add a block of raw html, and some other things for mobile-optimised templates). But I think I've either officially submitted them all before, or other people have mentioned them already in these forums :)

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