Create segments based on autoresponder

I see a lot of topics on how to create autoresponders to certain segments, but I have another angle.

Is it possible to create a segment based on opens or clicks in auto responders?

The data is stored on subscriber level, so the only think missing for this to work (I am probably simplifying it...) is that auto responders shows up as any other campaigns for that list.

If that was possible I could create my segment using the rule "Campaign was opened - Specific link clicked".

That would have been super useful!

Carissa Carissa, 3 years ago

Hey Finge,

I agree, it would be really useful to create a segment based on opens/clicks in a specific autoresponder series. As you've seen, this isn't possible right now, but it's definitely something for us to consider adding in the future, so I've added your vote for this.

Having said that, we may be able to help you find a creative way of getting the information you need. If you wouldn't mind contacting support with details on the account and the autoresponder, we've love to see whether that data can be gathered another way.

Campaign Monitor
Finge Finge, 3 years ago

Thank you so much, Carissa. Appreciate the added vote and certainly the offer to help :-)

gerber gerber, 2 years ago

+1 for segmenting based on Autoresponder Activity.

A few Examples of how powerful this could be:
- If someone doesn't open your welcome email, follow up with a more personal email
- Customize the second email in the series based on which link is clicked in the first autoresponder email
- Stop sending emails to people who aren't opening them!

If any plans for this are in the pipe let me know, otherwise I need to switch =(

gerber gerber, 2 years ago

Oh thats funny, an email 1 day later saying that the Automation tab is coming...  I'm still wondering if autoresponder segmentation is on the list of features to come...

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi gerber, thank you so much for outlining what kind of scenarios you would like us to accommodate here - it's incredibly useful for us! While we don't have a firm roadmap yet of what's to come and when, this kind of behavioral email is something we've certainly discussed internally - and I dare say that this update has us heading in the right direction to make this and more possible.

I've noted your comments here, so we'll be in touch as more details come to hand. Thank you so much again!

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gerber gerber, 2 years ago

Thanks roshodgekiss -

One thing I noticed is that MC doesn't offer either the ability to trigger when someone DOES NOT open/click an email.  Thats something I definitely want to see, and a way for you guys to 1up them =)

2 of my examples above would require this.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Thanks, Gerber - noted! This is excellent, we'll keep this in mind as we build out automation and behavioral email.

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