Goldmine CRM Integration

Hi everyone,

A client of ours uses a CRM called Goldmine ( and they have asked if it's possible to connect it to CM.

They want to keep contact lists up to date (both ways) and to create actions within Goldmine based on recipient activity from CM e.g. clicking a link in the email automatically sets up a notification in Goldmine to call the recipient.

I've had a look in the usual places and it doesn't look like there's anything currently available. However, it does look like Goldmine can connect to MailChimp and Constant Contact which suggests there is an API.

Does anyone have any experience with Goldmine and/or is this the kind of project that anyone would be willing to take on?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Phil Phil, 3 years ago

Hi Irish_Tom,

A simple search shows that there is some sort of Goldmine API lurking around, although they're either hiding it or just really bad at surfacing information on their website.

My guess is that it's hidden behind some sort of paywall. ie if you have an account/license with Goldmine they are probably more forthcoming about the info. It might be worst asking your client for access to the system so you can hunt around.

Alternatively, have you tried asking Goldmine directly?

Irish_Tom, 3 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback and good idea — I'll get in touch with Goldmine.

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