Outlook: HTML mailings aren't displayed correctly on some computers


If one of my colleagues opens an HTML-mailing in Outlook on her computer, the email looks perfect in the preview pane. When she double clicks to open the email in a new window the lay-out isn't displayed correctly. Some parts of the email have moved.

Another colleague uses the same emailclient and Window version -> Outlook 2013 (Windows 8). The mailing looks perfect when he looks in the preview pane and when he opens it in a new window.
The email looks also correct in all Outlook versions of the Email On Acid test.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?
What can be the reason that Outlook doesn't display HTML mailings correct on some computers? Could it be a plugin or software?



JohnP JohnP, 3 years ago

It is hard to diagnose the issue without seeing the code.

There could be media queries triggering at different window widths. It could be Outlook not resizing images beyond their original size. It could just be that your content is floating and the combined widths hit the point where they exceed the parent container, causing them to pop down.

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