viewport meta tag

The mobile template "template-widgets.html" that is linked in the "Responsive Email Design" Guide on this page:

...does not have the viewport meta tag. The template doesn't display well on my iPhone, when I test it. It displays like a non-responsive desktop site. After I added the viewport meta tag, it looks better (is responsive to my iPhone screen).

Is there a reason that meta tag is left out of the template?

Carissa Carissa, 3 years ago

Hi elmnt, welcome to the Campaign Monitor forum! If you are viewing the template in a browser on your iPhone then that might explain what you are seeing. When I test it on the Mail app in various iOS devices it's looking fine.

We would recommend the viewport meta tag for viewing in browsers, and we didn't include it in the template at the time the guide was written simply because it wasn't an issue then. Good find!

Campaign Monitor
elmnt, 3 years ago

Thanks Carissa, that makes sense. I'm just getting my feet wet with responsive email coding, so I didn't consider that :)

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