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Hi all,

I am looking in to adding a Facebook share link to certain section of a email newsletter. This link will not share the whole email, but a URL.

So for example posted to Facebook will be:

The pages which I want to share do not have og tags set, so just sharing a URL and letting Facebook pull in the correct content is out of the question.

I have found the following format to how the URL should be constructed:


However this does not seem to work, directing me to Facebook and asking me to input the URL I want to share.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Hey there gromituk2k,

Just to be sure we've covered all the bases, have you looked through the instructions listed here: http://help.campaignmonitor.com/topic.aspx?t=180

We include the details on sharing just a link within your template code. It looks like this:

<fblike likeurl="http://yourdomainhere.com"></fblike>

Have you given that a try?

gromituk2k, 3 years ago

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply, but there are two problems with this, by using <fblike likeurl="http://yourdomainhere.com"></fblike> it will share a URL (which is what I want) but I can not define other parameters line image and title to share.
The other problem, I must admit, is I'm not a Campaign Monitor customer so code like <fblike> is not going to work.

ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Yes, it is a little limiting currently without using the OG tags. Hopefully, that will improve in the future!

chido, 3 years ago

you should paste url ur website and do publish automatiqcly has lunch

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logodesign247 logodesign247, 3 years ago

I was facing the same issue but it has been resolved by the help ChrisB reply in your thread.

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