Three types of customer lists. Use one CM list w/ Segments or 3 Lists?

I've got three types of lists,all for customers with the same "pain"

1. Product Line A inquiries (folks who download a trial of (or ask about) our PC software )
2. Subscribed to our new Web Based App
3..Subscribed to our Newsletter.

I am THINKING that we'd want to have them all in one list, but segmented and maybe with a Date that each of the above happened (Field for :  DateInquired  DateSubscriedWebApp  DateSuscribedNewsletter)  so that I could trigger AUTO-RESPONDERS

I don't forsee that we'll need to send the same message to any two of these groups. So maybe keeping them separate is a better idea.
It occurred to me that I might be able to rejoin them latter if needed:

But is there a better way to do this?
Are there advantages of doing these as three separate lists?

Mathew Mathew, 3 years ago

Hey MrAnalogy,

Great question! Generally, combining lists is better when you can, because that way you'll reduce your costs for any duplicated addresses (if you're on a monthly plan) and you'll also get better reporting because all campaigns will go to that one list (rather than having the reporting split up by list).

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ox4dboy, 3 years ago

+1. Email subscription rates increase drastically when there is a preview of the email next to the sign up form. A thumbnail that can be clicked to see a full preview next to a sign up form and in an archive would help all of us send mrs Campaign Monitor email to more subscribers.

It's a win win for everyone - us, our customers and Campaign Monitor.

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