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I'm using <a href="tel:+35316774444">link</a> to allow iOS to dial the number but it's opening a new browser window instead of dialling. Pretty sure I'm missing something pretty basic but at a loss at the moment.

Anyone any pointers?

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hey a_topping,

Because the system converts those tel: links to tracking links, when the link is clicked you are directed to a blank browser page. You can add the cm_dontconvertlink to the <a href> tag to stop the link being converted and your link should work well!

Hope this helps!

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a_topping, 3 years ago

thanks paulw - spot on!

harris.ric harris.ric, 2 years ago

Apologies for jumping on the thread but I have a related question.

Is it possible to apply the tel link to a multiline field via the content editor? We have a custom template in which the client is able to input their own body content via a multiline tag. The client always signs off the content with their telephone number but I can see no way to reliably apply the tel link to this.

I attempted to manually wrap the telephone number in an <a> tag via the source editor though it doesn't seem to work. It visually gives the appearance of a link but it is not recognised as an active tel link in iOS.

Many Thanks,

gotmike, 1 year ago

and how do you make this work with an image in the email editor interface? all we get is an option for "link" and "alt"

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