Columns misalign in Outlook when rearranging code / tables

I have a bit of a bizarre issue. I've created a responsive email template for our client with various different column structures. They have limited coding knowledge, however I've commented it out so that they're able to tweak and rearrange certain elements to their pleasure.

They've raised an issue that they've tried rearranging a surrounding table (the 4 column structure) by moving it up the page (say for instance if they want to promote these deals higher up the mail).

What's happening, when testing in Outlook 2007 & 2010, is that the 4 column structure works fine when placed where I originally put it in the template, but when they've tried moving this surrounding table (and I've tested this too) the columns misalign - even though none of the code is broken, just rearranged.

This problem is completely beyond me as it works perfectly in all other mail clients and I don't want to affect it's responsive qualities.

Try it for yourself here:
Take the table commented as <!-- Four Column Structure --> right up to <!-- End Four Columns --> and rearrange it to another place in the mail, then test in Outlook.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached screenshots to show you what I'm seeing: - this is where the four columns were originally and aligning correctly - this is the 4 column structure at the top of the mail but without full width header and footer images - this is higher up in the mail than original, but the columns are now misaligning

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