Feature Request: Create Archive between certain Dates.

Hi there CM crew. I hope 2014 getting off to a good start at HQ.

In the process of archiving 2013 newsletters for a couple of school clients and looking at the set-ups for the new year I have been thinking it would be excellent if the "Create an Archive" facility could be expanded to allow the selection of start and end dates.

This would provide a great way to create yearly newsletter archives... or even to allow us to set-up pages that sort the newsletters into Term dates.

Schools across Australia have a very consistent format for naming and sending out their school news over the course of the year. The naming scheme is consistently:

Term 1, Week 1, Day Month Year
Term 1, Week 3, Day Month Year

and so on...
Term 2, Week 1, Day Month Year

and so on...
Term3, Week 8, Date

for all four terms of the school year.

After a campaign is sent-out via email, schools also like each edition to be available online.

If you take a look at this page it is a very typical school newsletter index format:

In this example the school transitioned from PDF based news to Campaign Monitor half way through 2013.

If you were able to come up with a neat solution allowing for this type of formatting alongside the handy "create archive" scripts then it would be an absolute winner not only for schools but other organisations that operate on a regimented schedule.

Historical Records:
As an aside - another issue facing schools converting from print based news to online news - is methods for archiving newsletters for posterity. Recording the ongoing life of an organisation and keeping a long term record for historical purposes... which print to PDF is probably the most obvious choice at this stage for that scenario.

How long do CM keep copies of each newsletter campaign? What is your advice for long term strategies?


JD JD, 3 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion, Rosemary! I've added a vote on your behalf to possibly incorporate a start/end date selection within the script creation area. This would definitely help customers to be able to sort different sections or years on a their website page(s), a great idea! We do not delete past newsletters from the server unless you ask us too. :) To store backups on your own, you could always print them to PDF's or go to the webversion, right-click, save as website, and download the exact html/image copy to your desktop for filing there. I hope that helps and thanks again for your feedback!

Campaign Monitor Support
CampaignRose CampaignRose, 3 years ago

Hi JD,
Belated thanks for your reply!

Good to hear your vote of support for incorporation a start / end date selection within the script creation panel.

Thanks for clarifying the storage of past newsletters! Good to know. :)

Cheers for the tip regarding print to PDF. That's exactly the method we currently suggest to schools wanting to archive copies for posterity / ongoing school historical archives etc.

Nice one JD. Love the support from Campaign Monitor. Always top notch.

Have a great week.


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