accessing floated tables in a repeater in the Campaign Monitor editor

I am coding a nice looking template. It has a repeater item that consists of a logo with four small social media icons underneath, wrapped up in a table and floated left (to allow a variable number of items to be added). The template works nicely in all the target email clients, with a bit of hacking even works in all versions of Outlook.

BUT there's an issue with editing inside the Campaign Monitor editor. Because the items are all floated left, the little hover control bar with the Add New and Edit buttons are stacked on top of each other so it's only possible to edit the very last item, not any of the previous ones.

Is there some kind of trick I can use so that it displays differently in the editor?

JD JD, 3 years ago

Hi Kay! Sorry you're having a bit of trouble with the Edit buttons when using your template in the content editor. This can happen when the editor is trying to display the elements which are floated left in the code. You'll see the edit buttons buried or difficult to locate when editing content. The solution can be involved revamping the repeating area without a floated style or simply creating an entire row with the three areas already there (then just delete those you do not need when editing). We did receive your support request with details to the code, we'll go ahead and get back to you there for this specific case. Thanks for your patience!

Campaign Monitor Support
goatlady goatlady, 3 years ago

No worries, thanks for getting back to me :)

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