Feature Request: Exclude domains.

Your lists contains users, which are mostly like 3-4 people groups from the same company, and cause of this, they have same email adress domains. Now, if one of those person unsubscribed from some reason, we dont want to bother others anymore too.

To do that you get to exclude some specific domain from mailing. Its not a problem, since you can just segment it and exclude, but what if you have to exclude several of them, 50+. Adding 50+ rules to a segment isnt the dream.

The requested feature should work like this:
While excluding a segment/list, an additional option "Exclude domains" that would exclude not only specific emails from the list/segment but also every other email adress from that domains.

You could just import the list of mails and exclude the domains that it contains.

This feature would greatly improve some processes, especially on messy lists. Also in scenarios where you are sharing lists with other cm users, and someone sometimes screws up and doesnt add some custom field etc. Also requires less maintenance and is more 'bulletproof'.

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 3 years ago

Hey m.bulczak, thanks for the post! We've just added your vote for the ability to suppress domain names in the suppression list. This sounds like it would be ideal for you.

However, in the meantime, it is possible to set up a single segment which you can use to exclude any domains you wish.

1) Head over to the list and click segments, then Create new segment.
2) Select to define the first rule based on email address. Select "contains" and then enter the full domain including the @. So, @yahoo.com for example.
3) Then, to add another domain to this list, click the "OR" button, then add in the other domain following the same instructions as step 2.
4) Repeat until you've built up the segment including all the domains you wish to exclude.

You should then have a segment which will then include all the email addresses for the domains you wish to exclude.

Now, when you wish to send a campaign out, when you select the list full list to send to, you can then select to exclude the segment you've just created.

Also, when importing new emails into the list, the segment will automatically update. So there is no need to refresh at all.

I hope that makes sense and helps. If you would like further help with this, then do let us know, we'll be happy to expand.

aaroncrunch, 1 year ago

Great solution Greg - just what the doctor ordered for the problem I was facing!

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