Can we create a campaign using HTTP or do we have to use SOAP?

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Campaign.Create is only accessible via SOAP at this stage. Let us know what language you're using if you're having trouble with SOAP.

theill theill, 8 years ago

Do you plan to support HTTP GET and HTTP POST on this as well? It would be a better fit for my needs (on Ruby) since we already have a nice wrapper easily extendable using HTTP GET.

I would rather not having to jump to a SOAP implementation in order to support Campaign.Create :(

mattdw mattdw, 8 years ago

Is there any particular reason for supporting only SOAP? I've done the same as theill, but in python. I've built a small, easily extensible library in GET – which is a far simpler interface than SOAP – and it would be pretty painful to have to rebuild my api just for this one method.

Ben Ben, 8 years ago

Hey Guys,

The reason why these methods require SOAP is because they contain complex types such as ListSegments. We've taken advantage of the built in web service support in .NET which unfortunately favors SOAP, and doesn't allow POST/GET on methods with complex types as parameters.

I'll see if there is anything we can do to change this and post an update here.

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