Enlist - Multi-language opt-in confirmation e-mail

Dear forum.

I am planning to use Enlist for first time in few days. It is easy to setup and it does add subscriber to my list. However, both the opt-in confirm e-mail is sent in English and the same is actually true for the thanks greatings after pressing the Submit button.

I prefer the opt-in confirmation to among other to validate the entered e-mail addresses and thus only increase my subscriber list with persons with valid addresses.

My customers read Danish and many of them will probable not understand the message in the confirm e-mail!

Is it possible to write the opt-in confirmation message in other language than English and then how?

Likewise, is it possible to write the thank you greating in other language than English and then how?

I hope someone can help.

Best regards
Reynir Kristbjörnsson

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey Reynir,

Many thanks for your questions here and no problem, just to confirm, at present I'm afraid it's not possible to edit the 'thank you' / 'success' message which appears in Enlist once a subscriber completes your form, however many thanks for your suggestion here, and as a result I've just gone ahead and have logged this as a feature request for you, so if we're able to make this available in the near future, we'll be sure to follow up here and let you know :)

Just regarding the confirmation email which is sent however, this is possible to edit, and to do this, you just need to jump into your account, click through to the list these individuals are being added to, then select the 'Customize landing pages' link on the right-hand side of your list page; clicking through to this will allow you to update the text within the confirmation email which is sent out.

Thanks a lot and hope that helps!

Reynir, 3 years ago

Stephen, tank you very much for your answer and the useful guideline.

I was neither aware of the setup of the confirmation landing page, you mentioned, nor the unsubscribe page. I thought this setup had to be done in Enlist.

Now the confirmation page and the unsubscribe page are in Danish. I am very pleased.

It would be delighted, if you let me know when you add the language support to the greeting page in Enlist.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards

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